In advance of "Omizutori" held at Todaiji Nigatsu-do in Nara on March 12th, "Omizuokuri" is held at Jingu-ji in Obama city on March 2nd. It is a historical event that recounts the strong ties between Nara and Wakasa since ancient times.

Spring arrives as Nara's Omizutori festival ends. The people of the Kansai region await this sign of the coming spring every year. The Omizutori ceremony (offering of sacred water to the Buddha as part of the Shuni-e ceremony) held at Todaiji Nigatsu-do in Nara is famous across Japan as an event foretelling the coming spring. It is said that this sacred water is sent by the gods from the Unose stream in Wakasa and arrives 10 days later at the Wakasa Well at Todaiji Nigatsu-do in Nara. (In 1971, the two cities concluded a sister city pact in observance of the 1,200 year old "Samsara" cycle of rebirth, which had been preserved since the Tempyo Era (710-794 AD).)

Visitors are free to watch the Omizuokuri ceremony at Jinguji and participate in the pinewood torchlight procession.


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