•    What does 'Obama' mean?
  • Obama(小浜) means 'Small' and 'Beach'. It is exactly right for the meaning, there are many beautiful beaches in Obama. A lot of people come to swim from other prefectures and around the world, and enjoy their summer every year.  
  • When is a good time to travel to Obama?
  •    We recommend from spring to autumn. If you come to Obama in spring, you will see unique and gorgeous cherry blossoms. The unique cherry blossoms are called 'Shidare sakura' in Japanese which means 'weeping cherry trees/blossoms'. You will also enjoy illuminated cherry blossoms at night. In summer, is the best season in Obama. There are not only a lot of wide and large beaches but also small ones even though the city size is not huge. You will find such a small your private beach and it will be great for families! In the evening, you will see a stunning sunset from the beaches, it is incredibly beautiful, you must see it here! In fall, you can enjoy seeing autumn leaves. There is the best spot to see autumn leaves where at Mantoku temple. Mantoku temple is designated as National Scenic Beauty, you cannot miss going there in fall!


VISITING Obama city

  •    Can I visit Obama for just one day?
  •    Yes, you can! Obama city is not a huge town, so you can make a plan where you will go for a day. For example, bike/walk/drive around Obama city, go to popular spots, and see the stunning sunset at the end of the day will be a perfect tour in Obama!
  •    Is there Wi-Fi coverage in Obama?
  •    Yes, there is. First when you get to Obama station, you can use Wi-Fi for free at Wakasa Obama Tourist Information Centre. However, there is not enough Wi-Fi areas in Obama, so we highly recommend to use Wi-Fi at the restaurants, cafes, and hotels or bring a pocket Wi-Fi/SIM cards.
  •    I do not speak Japanese. Is English used much in Obama?
  •    No, it is not, but there are some staff who speak English at Wakasa Obama Tourist Information Centre in front of Obama station. They have multi-language brochure and maps there as well. Even though people do not use English in Obama, when you go to restaurants, hotels, and guesthouse, there are staff who speak English well. So, do not worry about language barrier here!


  •    Is there a youth hostel or backpacker accommodation in Obama?
  •    Yes, there is. There is a guesthouse near Obama station, called 'Guesthouse OBAMA21:00'. For the dormitory room, it is ¥2,500/person for per night on weekdays. The guesthouse also has a female-only dormitory room and a private room. Most guests are backpackers and foreign tourists, so there are options for accommodation in Obama!