Welcome to Obama city!

Obama is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan, next to Kyoto prefecture. Now, Obama is one of a new tour routes between Takayama and Kyoto when people travel in Japan because Obama has massive nature and delicious seafood that other places do not have!

Obama city is called 'Nara prefecture with ocean'. There are a lot of temples and shrines in Obama as many as Nara prefecture (on a population basis). However, Nara prefecture is not facing the ocean, so then Obama is a hidden spot of historical place with beautiful ocean in Japan! Because Obama city has clean and beautiful ocean, many people come to swim and fish in Obama from other prefectures and countries every summer. It would be great to eat fresh fish for dinner after fishing here! In addition, you will enjoy a stunning sunset from the beach for 30 minutes every evening! It will be a nice moment to relax during your trip in Japan!


Details of Obama city

Area                 233.11k㎡

Population       29,257 (October, 2019)

Industry           Traditional Art and Craft

                        Wakasa Agate, Japanese Paper, Clay Tiles, Lacquer Ware, and Lacquered Chopsticks

Specialities      Mackerel, Branchiostegus, Righteye flounder, and Japanese pufferfish

History             The Wakasa region facing Wakasa Bay, blessed as it is with riches of the sea, played an important role since the Nara Period as "Miketsukuni" (~ 6th century) the region responsible for sending "Minie" or food to the Imperial Household. In the Heian Period (7th century), it became a strategic location for maritime traffic, and countless cultural products flowed in over the sea from Mainland China, the Korean Peninsula, and from across Japan, linking Obama and the capital (Kyoto) together. At the time, marine products were sent over countless roads called the "Sabakaidou(Mackerel highway)" to the capital, and the latest culture was carried back from Kyoto, bringing prosperity to Obama.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Obama! It definitely will be an amazing local experience and relaxing time here! We have multi-language maps and brochures. Have a wonderful trip in Obama!

Historical events

March 2nd, every year

Saturday and Sunday in mid-September